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Are you passionate about what you do? Able to stand up for your ideas but open to changing your mind? Do you like the sound of Donut Thursdays? And bringing your dog to the office? And unlimited popcorn? Can you see yourself at an agency that Adweek called “the one where you want to work”?

Great. We could use somebody like you around here.

Current Job Openings

To view our open media positions, visit Echopoint Media, a division of Y&L.

Digital & Media Analyst

Are you a Digital & Media Analyst?

Do you wish everyone was as excited as you about how big data can answer big questions for any-sized business? Do you constantly search for ways to visualize data, trying to get people as excited as you? Are you pondering how we managed to get this message to you, wondering about the metrics, contemplating how efficiently we managed to reach you—or the influencer who told you about this position—in what channels, and at what cost per impression? Are you looking at this on your phone while using an API or SQL on your laptop (watching GOT on HBO on your tablet)?  




Are you a Writer?

Have you single-handedly filled enough notebooks to deforest the Amazon? Do you have graffiti charges on your criminal record because you took it upon yourself to correct a poorly written sign? Do you have to suppress your gag reflex when someone says “utilize” instead of “use”? Can you think of a hundred different ways to sell the same product? And just as many ways to word the same idea? Do you believe a well-written ad can have no copy? 

Do you have at least 3 years of experience and a portfolio to share?


Art Director

Are you an Art Director?

Does trite advertising make you shout loud, angry words that echo off your impeccably decorated walls? Do you know more about Adobe Creative Cloud than you do about your own family? Do you consider your annual holiday card a design opportunity? Do you collect fonts the way writers’ sweaters collect dog hair? The way that guy who was on Hoarders that one time collected rats? Have you ever sat motionless before your computer, debating the relative merits of PMS 2757 versus PMS 2767? Are you ready to shepherd an integrated advertising campaign from its first ketchup-stained napkin sketches to its final color-corrections?

Do you have at least 5 years of experience and a portfolio that includes tv, print and digital work?


Consumer Insight Strategist

Are you a Consumer Insight Strategist?

Do you tend to answer a question with a question? Why? (And is “Why?” your favorite question to follow a question with?) Do you have trouble deciding if you love quantitative more or less than qualitative, but would be willing to do some research to determine the answer? When you watch TV, do you mutter, “Oh, come on, your strategy is showing” at some point during every advertising break? Are you slightly skeptical about what people say, and prefer to judge them by what they actually do? Do you find yourself explaining to friends why other friends do things—and they all go, “Ohhh, yeah, I see that” when you’re done? Do you allow a little gap when chatting casually with strangers in the doctor’s office or grocery store, then say, “What makes you say that?” (And—what makes you say that?)

To be effective, the Consumer Insight Strategist must be:

  • Skilled at analyzing and interpreting a variety of information and data.
  • Up-to-date with cultural/social trends and consumer views and attitudes. 
  • Organized and detail oriented.
  • A collaborator, not a solo act. 
  • A solid writer.
  • A creative thinker. 
  • Curious and resourceful.  


Don't see the job you're looking for? Reach out anyway.

Betcha we've been talking about how we really need someone like you around here. It’s just that we haven’t gotten around to posting the job yet.

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Good ideas and better listening skills. Curiosity, talent and a strong enough work ethic that you don't rely on your talent. We like to hire people who love what they do and hate the phrase "We've always done it that way."

Agency experience is generally a plus. So is a fondness for donuts.


Don’t see the job you’re looking for?

Reach out anyway. We’ve probably been talking about how we really need someone like you around here. It’s just that we haven’t gotten around to posting the job yet..

Go ahead and ...

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