Young & Laramore


Kelty is an outdoor brand that’s as legacy as they come. The problem is that while its products were built to stand the test of time, it was still missing a fan base of strong brand loyalists.

Our challenge quickly became growing Kelty beyond “just camping gear” and positioning the brand instead to embrace the growing “hybrid” culture of outdoorsy-ness (think: festivals, day-hikes, the beer mile, etc.). To do that, we married the durability of Kelty products with the brand’s inherently youthful spirit to create “Kelty Built.” Kelty Built is a campaign about a product that can take you places; about a piece of gear that not only provides greatness—but inspires great moments.


Differentiating a brand in a cluttered category: strategy, research, media planning and buying, broadcast, print, out-of-home, events, identity system, specialty collateral, digital and website